Why You Should Think About Integrating Decking Into Your Landscape Design

landscape design Richmond HillEver felt that your landscape design is missing something? Like it’s just one feature short of being properly complete? Don’t worry if this is something you’ve been thinking about as 2014 has progressed; we’ve listened to hundreds of homeowners in Richmond Hill, Thornhill and Woodbridge say exactly the same thing over the years. One of the most popular landscape design features that we typically install (many, many times every year) for homeowners is decking. Want to know what’s so great about decking? Well keep reading.

Four Reasons Why Decking is a Landscape Design Feature You Need

There are few other landscape design elements that can add as much to your outdoor space as decking can. Here are just a few of the reasons to think about investing in it as we approach 2015.

  • Affordable, Functional Living Space – Outdoor decking is the cheapest way to add highly functional living space to your property that be utilized for a wide range of different things. It provides you with a comfortable environment in which you can host barbeques and dinner parties during the warmer summer months, as well as providing a quiet corner in which you can relax on your own. With the wide variety of fixtures and fittings available to accompany decking, the uses for such an area are virtually limitless.
  • Boosts Your Home’s Value and Appeal – Even if you don’t plan to sell your property in the near future, it’s nice to know that any money you invest into a decked area isn’t just “dead money.” According to studies that have been done, should you sell your property, you would likely recoup more than 70 percent of the cost of the decking, which is a much higher figure than for many other home improvement projects. On top of that, decking is a feature that many prospective homebuyers look for and increases your chances of a quick sale.
  • Connects Interior & Exterior Spaces – Many homes struggle to create a good transition between the inside and outside, and a decked area is the ideal solution to that problem. It’s almost like an inside area (or can be if well designed) located outside and helps to create a much more natural flow between the two areas, especially if positioned just off a set of patio doors in either your kitchen or living room.
  • Relatively Easy to Maintain – Some landscape design features require a great deal of maintenance to keep them looking aesthetically pleasing after the landscaping contractors have installed them. That’s not the case with decking though. Many modern decking materials are virtually maintenance free, only requiring a light cleaning from time to time. Less time working means more time to enjoy your yard’s new feature!

With over two decades of landscape design experience, we know what works and what doesn’t. We’ve seen many landscaping companies in Richmond Hill, Thornhill and Woodbridge come and go over the years, but we’re still here as we offer quality solutions for affordable prices. Get in touch today to talk about your decking project.

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Why a Lack of Attention to Your Pool Landscaping Can Hurt Your Property

Pool landscaping ThornhillWhen approached in the right way, having a swimming pool installed at your property is a project that can make your landscape design a lot more functional, adding value and appeal to your home at the same time. However, a common problem with swimming pool installations is that too much focus is placed on the specifications of the swimming pool itself and there’s a total lack of attention with regards to the pool landscaping and how it will integrate into the overall landscape design. This oversight can have a number of negative effects for your property, which we’re going to point out during this post.

Pool Landscaping: An Integral Part of Having a Swimming Pool

The installation of a swimming pool and the careful planning of the pool landscaping are two things that should go hand in hand; if either side of this equation is neglected, there will be consequences. More often than not, it’s the pool landscaping that’s neglected as opposed to the actual construction of the pool, since builders that install the pool are just that – builders. They’re not landscaping contractors and don’t have the skills, knowledge or experience to ensure the pool effortlessly blends in with the rest of your yard’s design. Here are a few reasons why you don’t want to neglect pool landscaping:

  • Makes Your Whole Yard Look Uncoordinated – The best landscapes are planned with immense precision and while there can be many individual elements that make up the landscape, they should all slot together effortlessly and tie the overall design together. When a pool is installed, if there’s little or no attempt at pool landscaping, the pool can really stand out, but for all of the wrong reasons. Instead of it being the crowning jewel in your landscape design, it’ll just look out of place.
  • Poor Drainage – If the landscaping close to the site where the pool is installed is not carefully assessed before the installation and then not altered after the project has been completed, this can lead to drainage issues later on. It’s not just about sticking a couple of drains into the design of the pool and thinking “that will do,” your pool landscaping needs to be carefully considered so that the gradients of surrounding slopes are favourable for optimum drainage. The types of materials that are used to construct surrounding surfaces also need to be considered, as materials that are likely to cause higher rates of surface run-off will lead to greater rates of erosion.
  • Increased Maintenance – If the homeowner does make an effort with their pool landscaping, one of the most common errors that they make is choosing the wrong types of plants. You want to stay away from anything that sheds it’s leaves (deciduous shrubs and trees) as this will create a lot of extra work come the autumn. Similarly, you should avoid using any kind of plant that is likely to attract a lot of insects in the spring or summer.

If you’re having difficulty getting your pool landscaping design “just right” then give us a call. We’ve helped countless homeowners in Richmond Hill, Thornhill and Woodbridge successfully highlight their pool’s shape and design while complementing their yard’s overall landscape design over the years and we would be glad to do the same for you.

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Outdoor Kitchen

outdoor kitchen Richmond HillOutdoor spaces can be utilized for much more than simply making the exterior of your home aesthetically appealing. One of the biggest trends landscaping companies have seen in landscaping design in recent years is the implementation of more functional outdoor space. Decking has long been one of the most popular and cost effective ways to add extra living space to a property, but there’s another feature that more and more people in Richmond Hill, Thornhill and Woodbridge are having installed in their exterior spaces year upon year – the outdoor kitchen.

Bring Culinary Fun to the Outdoors With An Outdoor Kitchen

Cooking and eating has traditionally been an indoor activity, but owing to the rise of the outdoor kitchen, that’s all changed. Here are just a few of the reasons you should think about having one installed at your property:

  • Nothing Beats Outdoor Entertainment – The summer period and warm weather doesn’t stick around for too long in Richmond Hill, Thornhill and Woodbridge, and you want to make the most of it. You can’t do that if you’re stuck indoors for every single meal. An outdoor kitchen allows you to bring the process of cooking and dining into an outdoor environment. No back and forth between your deck and your kitchen inside; stay outside and make the most of the summer.
  • Boost Your Property’s Value – An outdoor kitchen is a feature that virtually every homeowner wants, and that includes prospective homeowners. Should you have an outdoor kitchen installed and later decide to sell your property, you’ll likely have a lot more interested parties as a result and its market value will likely rise too.
  • Fresh Air & Lower Bills – You know what they say, fresh air is good for you. Not only is it great to spend as much time outdoors as you can when the weather permits, but an outdoor kitchen will also likely help you cut your energy costs during the summer months, since less time spent indoors means less time spent with the AC on full blast. You also won’t have those lingering food smells to contend with inside your home, which are not always pleasant!

Think an outdoor kitchen would make the perfect addition to your yard? Then we’re the perfect company to call. With over two decades of experience handling outdoor kitchen projects from beginning to end, we are well equipped to turn your vision into a reality that you can enjoy for many summers to come!

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Landscaping Companies: We’re Not All the Same

landscaping companies Richmond Hill  Just like when searching for any other type of home improvement contractor, when looking to hire a landscaping company in Thornhill, Richmond Hill and Woodbridge, you’re faced with a lot of different choices. But it’s important to assess all of these options on an individual basis, as not all landscaping companies are exactly the same! What one company might lack in terms of resources or manpower, they might make up for in terms of experience, while another contractor might have the best prices in town but limited availability. There are tons of variables to weigh against each other when making this decision, some of which we’re going to outline in this article.

The Main Variables Involved When Comparing Different Landscaping Companies

In some ways, if all landscaping contractors were created equal, it would make your decision a lot easier. In fact, there wouldn’t be a decision to make; you could just hire the first contractor you got in touch with. But then you wouldn’t likely find a contractor that was the perfect fit for your specific requirements either. Below you can read about some of the main ways in which landscaping companies differ.

  • Experience – There can be a huge gulf in terms of experience from one landscaping contractor to the next. Whereas DonRos Landscape Construction has almost 25 years of industry experience, many other contractors in Thornhill, Richmond Hill and Woodbridge have just a couple of years of experience. The more experience a company and its staff has, the more likely they are to have completed projects to the exact specifications that you require, and this specific experience can really make all of the difference. Landscaping companies will greater experience will also likely be more aware of ways in which they can lower the overall cost of a landscape design project without sacrificing quality.
  • Communication – A contractor’s ability to communicate is essential in this industry. Landscaping companies that are able to communicate better will more often than not be able to bring your vision to life far more effectively than a contractor that has little to say. During initial consultations, a landscape design pro that communicates well will likely ask lots of questions, as well as provide a lot of ideas (that you maybe hadn’t thought of) based on their own experience of similar projects.
  • Equipment & Materials – While experience and ability to communicate well will undoubtedly play a large role in dictating whether a certain landscaping company is able to satisfy your particular needs, they must have the right tools available. This is another reason to opt for landscaping companies that have been around for a lengthy period of time. That longevity often equates to financial stability, and landscaping contractors that are financially sound will often utilize higher quality machinery and materials, allowing them to not only produce work that looks great, but also landscape designs that lasts. They will also probably have better relationships with their suppliers and be able to negotiate discounts, which will more often than not be passed on to you as the client.

So the next time that someone tries to tell you that “all landscaping companies are the same,” don’t listen to them. Instead, do you research and find a company that fits in with your own specific requirements to get the best results.

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Key Parts of Any Good Landscape Design

Outdoor kitchen Richmond HillLike most home-owners, you envision your home surrounded by beautiful lawns, lush green, bright colour, and tantalizingly tranquil spots to relax. Unless you’re an artist or designer, however, you might not know the details of what you want, much less the steps required to actually achieve it. Before you drive yourself crazy looking through several catalogues worth of fountain designs, deck colours, or flower types, it’s a good idea to thoroughly acquaint yourself with some landscaping basics. Become an active participant in your landscape projects to better communicate with the landscaping company that will realize your visions.

What Should You Consider When Creating a Landscape Design?

  • Functionality – Your landscape design should reflect your lifestyle, incorporating elements that will best serve your needs. Before planning the details of your landscape design, think about what you really want from your outdoor space. Do you want to grow vegetables? You’ll need to set aside a space for a vegetable garden and pay attention to water and irrigation. Do you have young children? You might want a space to play catch. Is your main purpose to entertain? Consider installing a space to cook, eat, and socialize outside. With this in mind, be sure to utilize nature your advantage. Direct sunlight can be great for pools, but not so great for outdoor summer barbecues, while strong wind could wreak havoc on a fire pit. The best landscape designs work with, not against, your natural environment.
  • Focus – What’s your favourite part of your backyard? Maybe you have an interesting sculpture or a particularly twisted, old tree with a lot of character. Establish a focal point, or a series of well-orchestrated focal points, and organize the rest of your landscape around it. Distinctive focal points are one way to individualize your design, create contrast, and build a theme for your entire landscape. If you aren’t enamoured by any one piece of your yard, look for inspiration in other homes or in catalogues, and find something special to build your exterior around.
  • Layers – When getting into the nitty-gritty of your landscape design, imagine your space as four layers organized by height. Tall elements such as trees help to create a background and a structural framework for your outside. Consider the purposes you’d like your tall elements to serve such as shade or privacy. Mix evergreen medium-height shrubs with those that lose their leaves in the winter for all-year appeal. Medium to low elements may be low-growing shrubs or perennials. These are important to cluster together rather than spread out across the whole landscape. Low-growing flowers often change every few years or by season.
  • Scale – Your landscape should tell a narrative. Lead people through the space by varying sizes, shapes, and colours. Both juxtaposition and repetition are important to creating a beautiful, unique landscape design. Although people often focus on colour, the texture and shape of plants are important and interesting features to keep in mind.
  • Cohesion – The best landscape designs utilize cohesion but don’t overdo it. Repeat elements such as texture, colour, or shape without letting your design become too cookie-cutter. Unity is best achieved by massing plants together in odd-numbered groups rather than spreading them across your land. Add something unexpected, a personalized touch that puts your stamp on the design, and keeps it from looking like every other backyard in your neighbourhood.
  • Landscape contractors can help you to implement your plan by providing their design and installation expertise, knowledge about water, drainage and upkeep. The professionals at DonRos Landscape Construction have been bringing to life the dreamscapes of Thornhill and Richmond Hill home-owners for over 20 years.

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Factors that You Can’t Afford to Ignore When Planning an Outdoor Kitchen

outdoor kitchensA beautiful addition to any home, outdoor kitchens are a great way to commune with nature and each other. Preparing, sharing, and eating food together with friends and family is only enhanced by the natural surroundings and wide-open spaces of your landscape. In many parts of the world, food is still prepared primarily outside in street stalls or in outdoor ovens. However, the modern family doesn’t have to restrict their outdoor cooking to hamburgers and steaks. An outdoor kitchen embraces the best of old traditions and new technologies. This being said, installing an outdoor kitchen is a large and ambitious landscaping project, and it is not one that should be undertaken lightly. If you’re considering installing one of these beautiful and unusual features in your backyard, take a look at the following essential points and carefully consider them.

Installing an Outdoor Kitchen? First Think About These Important Factors

Before becoming too attached to your dreams of beautiful outdoor gatherings, first ensure that you can afford to construct an outdoor kitchen. Make sure you have enough space on your property to accommodate one and that you are aware of the limitations of your climate. If you live in Thornhill or Richmond Hill, use of your outdoor kitchen will more than likely be restricted to our all too fleeting Canadian springs and summers. If you want to make the most of those few warm months, think about the factors that will influence the type of kitchen you build.

  • Placement – Since they are fully immersed in nature, outdoor kitchens are subject to its forces and whims. When choosing a location for your outdoor kitchen, think about the direction of the wind and sun. You don’t want to try to cook amidst high winds that blow smoke into your eyes or stand near heat-emitting appliances in direct sunlight. Choose a shady spot that’s shielded from the wind. If you don’t want to purchase too many accessories or a lot of equipment for your outdoor kitchen, it should be placed near the main house for easy access. Think about how much privacy you want and whether it will interfere with overheard power lines.
  • Function – Determine what purposes you’d like your outdoor kitchen to serve. This will help you to plan its size, style, and select the relevant accessories. If you’re restricting outdoor cooking to the grill, focus your attention on providing outdoor seating. If you envision cooking outside every night of the summer, you might want to include a stove, sink, refrigerator, or cocktail station with its own collection of cooking implements. More and more appliances and furniture are being designed specifically for outdoor use.
  • Utilities – Correct planning of water, gas, and electricity flow are essential to installing and using outdoor kitchens. Do you want hot and cold water? Is gas a necessity? Hire a landscaping company who is on top of building codes and regulations to install these necessary utilities.
  • Atmosphere – If you’re planning on using your outdoor kitchen at night, create ambiance with beautiful lighting. Create an ideal climate for your guests by installing overhead fans, a fire pit, a gas heater, or a fireplace. Remember that bug and mosquito control is important during those warm summer nights.
  • If you’re looking to install an outdoor kitchen, DonRos Landscape Construction can help. We are professional landscaping contractors who have been helping residents of Thornhill and Richmond Hill to achieve their dreamscapes for over 20 years. We don’t believe in the separation of indoor and outdoor life and specialize in creating outdoor living spaces that enable you and your family and friends to enjoy nature to the fullest.

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Why Pro Landscaping Contractors Can Be a Real Asset to Any Home-owner?

Landscaping CompaniesSometimes even home-owners with the greenest of thumbs are a little frightened by the prospect of overhauling or improving their home’s landscape design and for a good reason. As a professional landscaping company, we’ve heard about, and witnessed countless landscape horror stories from our Thornhill and Richmond Hill customers. Before spending thousands on undertaking an extensive landscaping project yourself, consider investing in a professionally curated landscape design. Here are the top reasons why you should forgo DIY and stick with the landscaping pros.

Consider These Benefits to Hiring a Professional Landscaping Contractor

  1. Increasing Your Home’s Market ValueA visually appealing exterior often signals to potential buyers a beautiful interior while an unkempt or disorganized landscape could mean the difference between selling and staying on the market. With quality design and maintenance, landscaping contractors can raise the value of your home by as much as 20 percent.
  2. Selecting PlantsThe amateur landscaper can be overwhelmed by the sheer number of plant options for their landscape design. There are many factors to consider when choosing plants, from their individual needs like soil and light conditions to their aesthetic properties like height, colour, texture, shape, and seasonal changes that determine their placement and cohesion within your landscape. Landscaping contractors understand how to maximize beauty while minimizing maintenance for your particular home environment.
  3. Hardscaping and InstallingLandscape design is about more than plants and pretty colours. While every landscape contractor is adept at organizing flowers, trees, and shrubs in a visually appealing way, they are also experts at installing other outdoor features such as paths, fountains, benches, pools, or outdoor kitchens for a complete outdoor experience. Professional landscaping companies understand building codes, regulations, and permits, and will take care of all of the paperwork for you.
  4. Adding a Unique TouchIf you want your landscape to imitate those you’ve seen on HGTV, go for it. But if you want to create a personalized and unique outdoor space that speaks to you and makes a statement, stick with the professionals. Often, home-owners have only vague ideas about how they want their landscape to look or can only describe the feeling or atmosphere they want to achieve but don’t know the right steps or features that will get them there. The best landscaping contractors are good communicators and visionaries. They understand the basics of landscaping, but have a vast knowledge of uncommon plants or distinctive features that will set your landscape apart from the rest in your neighbourhood, and will reflect your personal tastes. No amount of Pinterest-ing or TV-watching can compare to years of training and practice when it comes to landscaping.
  5. Investing in Your FutureUnless you’re planning on selling your home soon, you probably want it and the land it sits on to last as long as possible. Every design decision landscaping contractors make is with the present and the future in mind, helping the beauty of your landscape to endure long after its initial design. They can age your plantings for up to 20 years and take into account problems that could happen over that time or with changes in weather and seasons, such as growing tree roots, water and snow drainage issues, or choosing climate-appropriate vegetation.

Hiring landscaping contractors is a great investment in your home’s beauty and longevity. The very best landscaping companies encourage you to become an active participant in your landscaping project, and will work with you to plant your outdoor needs and dreams in reality – and you won’t even have to pick up a shovel to do it.

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Which Plants Should You Consider Integrating into Your Pool Landscaping Design?

 Pool Landscaping Toronto If you’re planning a pool installation, you’re probably focused on important factors such as size, depth, shape, and budget. It’s important to envision how your pool will fit into your overall landscape design, though. No beautiful outdoor space is complete without the various textures, shapes, and colours that a diverse population of plants brings to it. Enliven your outdoor pool by choosing plants that will complement the waters bright blue and will ensure the privacy and atmosphere you want from your outdoor space. Uncertain of what plants to put poolside? Check out some of these recommendations that will transform your backyard into a tropical paradise.

Factors to Consider When Looking for Poolside Plants

Any plants you place around your pool should be both clean and “classy.” The best plants won’t drop excessive seeds, leaves, or pollen into your pool and should be colourful and luscious in order to recreate an exotic beach locale – or as close to paradise as Thornhill and Richmond Hill residents can get in our far-from-tropical location. Specifically, look for plants that:

  • Withstand the Elements – Look for plants that thrive in your pool’s environment, which is most probably characterized by direct sunlight and high humidity.
  • Won’t Cause Damage – Trees such as elm and oak have invasive roots that could damage your pool’s structure and plumbing over time.
  • Require Little Maintenance – Depending on how much sweeping and fishing you want to do, try to choose evergreen plants that will stay beautiful throughout the seasons.
  • Are Child Proof – Rose bushes, cacti, and blackberry bushes all have one thing in common: thorns. Avoid prickly accidents by keeping these far away from the playful pool area. Also look out for plants that play a vital role in the bee ecosystem. Queen Anne’s Lace, Wisteria, Larkspur, and honeysuckle are some of bees’ favourite flowers.

What are the Best Plants for Your Pool Landscape?

  1. Tropical Plants Although our cold winters will inevitably kill off these tropical plants, they can be planted as annuals, mimicking your dream vacation spots. Try canna lily, ginger, caladium, taro, or vining jasmine.
  2. Traditional Flowers Daylilies, succulents, and bearded iris are all no-mess plants that grow well in most climates. Look into plants native to Canada or annuals such as begonia and coleus.
  3. Potted Plants Potted plants are versatile and easy to care for. To recreate a landscaped feel, cluster potted plants and use stands of varying heights. Even a few plants around the pool area on a deck or poolside table will keep your outdoors lively and inviting.
  4. Trees If you want to prioritize privacy from inquisitive neighbourhood eyes or set up a shady spot by the pool in which to escape with a comfortable chair and a good book, plant poolside trees. Even trees around the perimeter of your backyard will shield you from the noise and eyes of the outside world. Consider trees such as Leland cypress, rosewood, evergreen sumac, littleleaf ash, or container-grown palms. Pick only trees with shallow root systems or that grow slowly so that they won’t interfere with your pool’s structure.
  5. Ornamental Grasses These shallow-rooted plants have a wild appearance that will add a feel of spontaneity to your pool landscaping, avoiding the overly manicured look that many boring pool sides adopt. Ornamental grasses are a great visual transition between your lawn’s standard grass and colourful flowers and shrubs.

Adding plants to your pool’s landscape design is a beautiful way to seamlessly integrate your pool into your yard’s overall aesthetic. DonRos Landscape Construction understands the needs of local pool owners and has been assisting Thornhill and Richmond Hill residents with pool installation and landscaping for over 20 years.

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Vital Questions to Ask When Interviewing Landscaping Companies

DonRosLC_slider04Landscaping is one of the most costly, but most rewarding work you can put into your home. Because it’s such a large investment, you need to hire a landscaping contractor that will get the job done right the first time for a reasonable price. To find the best landscaping company, put in the time to research, review, and weigh all of your options before committing. That what you won’t encounter any undesirable scenarios during the project or problems that could affect the condition of your yard for years to come.

Questions to ask Landscaping Companies Before Hiring Them:

  • Will You Provide Me with a Written Estimate?Even if your on-site meeting with a landscaping company goes well, do not hire them unless they give you a written estimate. Sometimes companies will only give out verbal estimates or use vague numbers. Naturally, sometimes the original estimate is slightly smaller or larger than the amount you end up paying. Should there be a large discrepancy after the work is completed you’ll want to have an official written record of the number that they originally quoted.
  • Do You Have Adequate Insurance?While landscaping, contractors can encounter underground plumbing, gas lines, and other systems that provide necessary services to your home or neighbourhood. Every landscaping company should have insurance that will cover any damage that they may cause to your property or the utilities lines running underneath it. Also be sure that their workers are insured against any work-related injuries they may happen on the job. If your work costs more than $500, we recommend asking your landscaping contractor for a bond so that they will completely re-do the work if the end result is unsatisfactory.
  • Can I See Evidence of Your Previous Work?When looking for landscaping companies, always prioritize those with years of experience under their belt, especially if you’re getting extensive or expensive work done. Ask them for references from prior clients and whether they have a current gallery of finished projects that they can show you. If you’re looking for something unique or something that requires a great deal of skill to accomplish, such as an outdoor kitchen or gazebo, be sure that the company has specialized training and experience, and can produce examples of such work. It’s important to read reviews or ask people you know whether they’ve ever done business with the landscaping company. Word-of-mouth testimonials can be an extremely useful resource.
  • What Are Your Guarantees?Reliable landscaping companies have faith in their own work and are willing to offer a guarantee that their work will meet or even surpass your expectations. Look for guarantees of at least few years for hard scape features such as paths, decks, and pools while less long-lasting features such as plants should at least last a full season.
  • Will You Maintain My Landscaping in the Future?Make sure that you understand your landscapes long-term plan and how long certain flowers, shrubs, and trees are expected to last. Landscaping contractors who are worth their salt will lay it all out for you in an easy-to-read plan and guarantee that they will continue to provide landscaping maintenance for anything that they install in the years to come.
  • Do You Employ Any Subcontractors?Too many cooks spoil the broth, and the same adage holds true for landscaping. Look for companies who don’t overuse subcontractors. Company employees are easier for your contractor to oversee and manage, and miscommunication from contractor to subcontractor can cause delays.
  • If you live in the Thornhill or Richmond Hill area, consider contacting DonRos Landscape Construction for your next outdoor project. With over 20 years of experience in the business, we know what it takes to design beautiful and long-lasting landscapes that are worth your investment.

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Common Scams that Dishonest Landscaping Companies Will Try to Pull

Landscaping CompaniesIf you’ve never been through the process of hiring a landscaping company before it can be a daunting process. It doesn’t matter whether you need some professional assistance to have a single feature added to your yard or you’re looking to have a complete overhaul and a new landscape design implemented, you need to hire landscaping contracting professionals that are capable of doing the work. All too often (we’ve heard many horror stories from homeowners in Thornhill, Richmond Hill and Woodbridge) people agree to work with the first contractor that they contact and they end up being scammed. If you want to avoid losing out financially or suffering the disappointment of low quality work, you need to be able to identify the red flags that indicate something is not quite right. During this article we’re going to point out some of the biggest signs of dishonest landscaping companies.

Know How to Spot When Landscaping Companies are Trying to Scam You

While the vast majority of landscaping companies that operate in Thornhill, Richmond Hill and Woodbridge are 100 percent committed to meeting their clients’ needs, there are a few “rogue” operators that let the industry down and have no intention of fulfilling their responsibilities. To be able to protect your financial interests you would be wise to watch out for the following red flags when going through the process of hiring a landscaping company.

  • Large Upfront Payments – Reputable landscaping companies will never ask you for a large deposit before they start work, so if a company does ask you to do this then you need to walk away from any deal that’s on the table as it will only end badly. A small deposit will usually be requested though.
  • Shy Away from a Written Estimate – You absolutely must get any landscaping contractors that you want to work with to provide you with a written estimate before they start work at your property. If you have a positive onsite consultation with a landscaping professional and they provide you with a verbal estimate, that’s no good as there’s no physical evidence that that’s the amount you were quoted should a dispute arise when they try to charge you more after the work has been done (which is how these scams typically work). Insist on a written estimate and if the contractor keeps skirting around the issue simply walk away and contact several other landscaping companies instead.
  • Use Low Quality Subcontractors – One way in which dishonest landscaping companies seek to maximise their profits is by employing low quality subcontractors to do the bulk of the work on larger scale projects, leaving you with an end result that is far below your expectations. It’s typical for the contractor to show great enthusiasm initially. They will most probably conduct an onsite consultation, talk you through the various options available to you and even provide you with detailed plans to help you make your mind up, but as soon as you sign that contract you most probably won’t see them again. Instead they will send the sub-contractors round to do the work and when you get in touch with them to see what’s going on they will most likely claim they are occupied with other projects and that the staff that are handling the work are more than capable of achieving the required standards. There is a simple way to avoid this though. Before you sign a contract, ask the landscaping companies that you contact whether they use sub-contractors or not. Problem solved!

It’s very important to be as thorough as possible when hiring landscaping companies as failing to carry out your due diligence can really come back to haunt you sometimes. If you’re interested in a new landscape design, and outdoor kitchen or pool landscaping in the GTA, get in touch with our team today at 416-984-0180 or 416-688-8511.

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