Interlocking & Natural StoneThe creation of a landscaping design that brings a little smile to your face every day will involve incorporating more than just the organic elements that the word “landscaping” is associated with, such as lawns, trees and flowers; hardscape features must be included too. Well planned hardscape features can really “finish off” a landscape design, adding a practical edge to the space while simultaneously enhancing its visual beauty, and hardscaping doesn’t get any better than interlocking pavers. Whether you would like a network of pathways around your property, a new front driveway or a new patio, interlocking paving is an excellent choice.

Interlocking Pavers: Why Didn’t I Think of Them Before?

DonRos Landscape Construction has served hundreds of clients in the Toronto area since 1990 and whenever we’ve installed interlocking pavers, our clients have been over the moon with the results. Here are some of the advantages that they offer:

  • Unrivalled Beauty – There’s no denying the fact that interlocking pavers are aesthetically pleasing and the (almost) unlimited number of combinations and patterns that are available virtually guarantee that they will blend in seamlessly with the rest of your landscape design.
  • Paving that Lasts – Particularly pleasing if the paved areas around your property are likely to see a considerable amount of food traffic, pavers don’t crack, chip or flake and are not susceptible to the expansion-contraction cycles that fluctuating temperatures are known to cause.
  • Simple to Repair – With other paving options, damage can often lead to a considerable area needing to be replaced, increasing costs and affecting appearance. With interlocking pavers however, the damaged stone can simply be swapped out for a new one. Quick, easy and cost effective!
  • Low Maintenance – Interlocking pavers aren’t attention seekers; they don’t require much love to remain in stunning condition. In fact, mother nature does the vast majority of the cleaning for you and you rarely need to lift a finger.

We pride ourselves on being able to provide comprehensive support throughout your interlocking project, from professional design advice to high quality installations, ensuring you get exactly what you want! check out our Interlocking gallery

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