Why a Lack of Attention to Your Pool Landscaping Can Hurt Your Property

Pool landscaping ThornhillWhen approached in the right way, having a swimming pool installed at your property is a project that can make your landscape design a lot more functional, adding value and appeal to your home at the same time. However, a common problem with swimming pool installations is that too much focus is placed on the specifications of the swimming pool itself and there’s a total lack of attention with regards to the pool landscaping and how it will integrate into the overall landscape design. This oversight can have a number of negative effects for your property, which we’re going to point out during this post.

Pool Landscaping: An Integral Part of Having a Swimming Pool

The installation of a swimming pool and the careful planning of the pool landscaping are two things that should go hand in hand; if either side of this equation is neglected, there will be consequences. More often than not, it’s the pool landscaping that’s neglected as opposed to the actual construction of the pool, since builders that install the pool are just that – builders. They’re not landscaping contractors and don’t have the skills, knowledge or experience to ensure the pool effortlessly blends in with the rest of your yard’s design. Here are a few reasons why you don’t want to neglect pool landscaping:

  • Makes Your Whole Yard Look Uncoordinated – The best landscapes are planned with immense precision and while there can be many individual elements that make up the landscape, they should all slot together effortlessly and tie the overall design together. When a pool is installed, if there’s little or no attempt at pool landscaping, the pool can really stand out, but for all of the wrong reasons. Instead of it being the crowning jewel in your landscape design, it’ll just look out of place.
  • Poor Drainage – If the landscaping close to the site where the pool is installed is not carefully assessed before the installation and then not altered after the project has been completed, this can lead to drainage issues later on. It’s not just about sticking a couple of drains into the design of the pool and thinking “that will do,” your pool landscaping needs to be carefully considered so that the gradients of surrounding slopes are favourable for optimum drainage. The types of materials that are used to construct surrounding surfaces also need to be considered, as materials that are likely to cause higher rates of surface run-off will lead to greater rates of erosion.
  • Increased Maintenance – If the homeowner does make an effort with their pool landscaping, one of the most common errors that they make is choosing the wrong types of plants. You want to stay away from anything that sheds it’s leaves (deciduous shrubs and trees) as this will create a lot of extra work come the autumn. Similarly, you should avoid using any kind of plant that is likely to attract a lot of insects in the spring or summer.

If you’re having difficulty getting your pool landscaping design “just right” then give us a call. We’ve helped countless homeowners in Richmond Hill, Thornhill and Woodbridge successfully highlight their pool’s shape and design while complementing their yard’s overall landscape design over the years and we would be glad to do the same for you.

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