Outdoor Living

Completed ProjectsMany people think that there is a very clear divide between the interior and exterior of their home, and that it’s necessary to forfeit a large number of the aspects that we enjoy inside if we are going to spend time outside. That just isn’t true though; creating functional, outdoor living space has become hugely popular across Toronto in recent years. If done right, you can extend some of your “creature comforts” past your home’s threshold and into your yard, allowing you to enjoy the warm sunshine and fresh air without having to make much of a compromise. DonRos Landscape Construction has been designing and installing innovative, functional and aesthetically pleasing outdoor living spaces for over 20 years that have delighted homeowners right across the region.

Our Outdoor Living Spaces Get You Out in the Sun

An outdoor living space can be anything from a simple seated area outside your property to a fully equipped outdoor kitchen; you simply need to let us know what features you would like and we will come up with an innovative design according to your budget. Some of the most popular types of outdoor living spaces based on our 20 years in the industry include:

  • Outdoor Kitchens – A kitchen space, complete with an oven, perfectly designed preparation areas, customized lighting and a full array of appliances could be one of, if not the best investment that you ever make; at least that’s what you’ll probably think as summer rolls around each year!
  • Gazebos – While the sunshine is something that we all desire, there are times when it can get too strong, particularly during the middle of the day, but a perfectly planned gazebo will keep the sun off your back and allow you to continue to enjoy your time outdoors.
  • Cozy Retreats – Simply yet effective, some well positioned seating and a cozy fireplace can provide the perfect setting for some memorable evenings with family and friends.

Whatever your budget, if you feel like your outdoor space is currently underused and you would like to spend more time outdoors, get in touch with the team at DonRos Landscape Construction. Professional, passionate and hardworking, we guarantee we will design an outdoor living space that you will fall in love with. Check out our outdoor living gallery

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