pavingFor over 20 years DonRos Landscape Construction has been the “go-to” company for paving in Toronto, setting incredibly high standards and building an enviable reputation with each completed job. Any realtor in the area will tell you that it’s just as important to have high quality paving surrounding your home as it is to have an enticing front door or an aesthetically pleasing garage door. It influences the first impression that each visitor or passerby forms about your property and if done properly, can really finish off the exterior of your home beautifully. We have the necessary resources to be able to meet your requirements, no matter how big or small the job may be.

Top Quality Paving Customized to Your Needs and Preferences

At DonRos Landscape Construction we don’t believe in making our customers compromise; not even just a little bit. Our paving solutions are considered to be among the best in Toronto because we treat every job differently, customizing the paving to your individual needs.

  • Material – Whether you are intent on having interlocking, asphalt, concrete, brick or gravel paving, we are able to accommodate your request. Our team will explain the merits of each option and make a suggestion based on two decades of industry experience and hundreds of successful paving installations.
  • Design – Do you already have a rough idea of the design that you would like? Or perhaps you are really struggling for inspiration? No problem, our experienced design team will have hundreds of design ideas ready to help get your creative juices flowing.
  • Efficient Drainage – Unless you want to experience complete mayhem every time it pours down, your new paving must be designed to efficiently remove surface run off. Not only will this ensure you aren’t greeted by huge puddles when you step outside, but it will also prevent the rainwater from weathering your home’s foundations.

DonRos Landscape Construction has vast experience in collaborating with both residential and commercial clients, and are renowned for offering the highest quality paving for very favorable rates. Check out our Paving gallery

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