Which Plants Should You Consider Integrating into Your Pool Landscaping Design?

 Pool Landscaping Toronto If you’re planning a pool installation, you’re probably focused on important factors such as size, depth, shape, and budget. It’s important to envision how your pool will fit into your overall landscape design, though. No beautiful outdoor space is complete without the various textures, shapes, and colours that a diverse population of plants brings to it. Enliven your outdoor pool by choosing plants that will complement the waters bright blue and will ensure the privacy and atmosphere you want from your outdoor space. Uncertain of what plants to put poolside? Check out some of these recommendations that will transform your backyard into a tropical paradise.

Factors to Consider When Looking for Poolside Plants

Any plants you place around your pool should be both clean and “classy.” The best plants won’t drop excessive seeds, leaves, or pollen into your pool and should be colourful and luscious in order to recreate an exotic beach locale – or as close to paradise as Thornhill and Richmond Hill residents can get in our far-from-tropical location. Specifically, look for plants that:

  • Withstand the Elements – Look for plants that thrive in your pool’s environment, which is most probably characterized by direct sunlight and high humidity.
  • Won’t Cause Damage – Trees such as elm and oak have invasive roots that could damage your pool’s structure and plumbing over time.
  • Require Little Maintenance – Depending on how much sweeping and fishing you want to do, try to choose evergreen plants that will stay beautiful throughout the seasons.
  • Are Child Proof – Rose bushes, cacti, and blackberry bushes all have one thing in common: thorns. Avoid prickly accidents by keeping these far away from the playful pool area. Also look out for plants that play a vital role in the bee ecosystem. Queen Anne’s Lace, Wisteria, Larkspur, and honeysuckle are some of bees’ favourite flowers.

What are the Best Plants for Your Pool Landscape?

  1. Tropical Plants Although our cold winters will inevitably kill off these tropical plants, they can be planted as annuals, mimicking your dream vacation spots. Try canna lily, ginger, caladium, taro, or vining jasmine.
  2. Traditional Flowers Daylilies, succulents, and bearded iris are all no-mess plants that grow well in most climates. Look into plants native to Canada or annuals such as begonia and coleus.
  3. Potted Plants Potted plants are versatile and easy to care for. To recreate a landscaped feel, cluster potted plants and use stands of varying heights. Even a few plants around the pool area on a deck or poolside table will keep your outdoors lively and inviting.
  4. Trees If you want to prioritize privacy from inquisitive neighbourhood eyes or set up a shady spot by the pool in which to escape with a comfortable chair and a good book, plant poolside trees. Even trees around the perimeter of your backyard will shield you from the noise and eyes of the outside world. Consider trees such as Leland cypress, rosewood, evergreen sumac, littleleaf ash, or container-grown palms. Pick only trees with shallow root systems or that grow slowly so that they won’t interfere with your pool’s structure.
  5. Ornamental Grasses These shallow-rooted plants have a wild appearance that will add a feel of spontaneity to your pool landscaping, avoiding the overly manicured look that many boring pool sides adopt. Ornamental grasses are a great visual transition between your lawn’s standard grass and colourful flowers and shrubs.

Adding plants to your pool’s landscape design is a beautiful way to seamlessly integrate your pool into your yard’s overall aesthetic. DonRos Landscape Construction understands the needs of local pool owners and has been assisting Thornhill and Richmond Hill residents with pool installation and landscaping for over 20 years.

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