Vital Questions to Ask When Interviewing Landscaping Companies

DonRosLC_slider04Landscaping is one of the most costly, but most rewarding work you can put into your home. Because it’s such a large investment, you need to hire a landscaping contractor that will get the job done right the first time for a reasonable price. To find the best landscaping company, put in the time to research, review, and weigh all of your options before committing. That what you won’t encounter any undesirable scenarios during the project or problems that could affect the condition of your yard for years to come.

Questions to ask Landscaping Companies Before Hiring Them:

  • Will You Provide Me with a Written Estimate?Even if your on-site meeting with a landscaping company goes well, do not hire them unless they give you a written estimate. Sometimes companies will only give out verbal estimates or use vague numbers. Naturally, sometimes the original estimate is slightly smaller or larger than the amount you end up paying. Should there be a large discrepancy after the work is completed you’ll want to have an official written record of the number that they originally quoted.
  • Do You Have Adequate Insurance?While landscaping, contractors can encounter underground plumbing, gas lines, and other systems that provide necessary services to your home or neighbourhood. Every landscaping company should have insurance that will cover any damage that they may cause to your property or the utilities lines running underneath it. Also be sure that their workers are insured against any work-related injuries they may happen on the job. If your work costs more than $500, we recommend asking your landscaping contractor for a bond so that they will completely re-do the work if the end result is unsatisfactory.
  • Can I See Evidence of Your Previous Work?When looking for landscaping companies, always prioritize those with years of experience under their belt, especially if you’re getting extensive or expensive work done. Ask them for references from prior clients and whether they have a current gallery of finished projects that they can show you. If you’re looking for something unique or something that requires a great deal of skill to accomplish, such as an outdoor kitchen or gazebo, be sure that the company has specialized training and experience, and can produce examples of such work. It’s important to read reviews or ask people you know whether they’ve ever done business with the landscaping company. Word-of-mouth testimonials can be an extremely useful resource.
  • What Are Your Guarantees?Reliable landscaping companies have faith in their own work and are willing to offer a guarantee that their work will meet or even surpass your expectations. Look for guarantees of at least few years for hard scape features such as paths, decks, and pools while less long-lasting features such as plants should at least last a full season.
  • Will You Maintain My Landscaping in the Future?Make sure that you understand your landscapes long-term plan and how long certain flowers, shrubs, and trees are expected to last. Landscaping contractors who are worth their salt will lay it all out for you in an easy-to-read plan and guarantee that they will continue to provide landscaping maintenance for anything that they install in the years to come.
  • Do You Employ Any Subcontractors?Too many cooks spoil the broth, and the same adage holds true for landscaping. Look for companies who don’t overuse subcontractors. Company employees are easier for your contractor to oversee and manage, and miscommunication from contractor to subcontractor can cause delays.
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